Draguignan - thr roof of the "Malmont"


Start: Malmont car park.
• Rating: difficult
• 2.79 miles
• 1 hour 45 minutes
• Ascent:  110 meters
• GR waymarked trail (purple orientation arrows)


• From the Malmont carpark, cross the road  -1- and follow the purple/white waymarked trail . It runs alongside the blue waymarked trail for about 100 meters.
• 2- turn left and walk down the track for about 400 meters. -3-. Continue onto the medieval way for about 200 meters
• 4- drop down this track turning left as you join a former quarry road trail: it heads up the sloap through live oak and pine tree woodlands (for about 400 meters)
• After 1.2 kms, you come across an old stone monument.
• 5- drop off the quarry road trail and go back onto the main track as it goes up to the top of Malmont hill.
• 6- Follow the track as it goes downhill for another 200 meters -7- turn left  and  head down the slope. After about 300 meters,- 8- at  the junction go straight ahead and keep following  the trail for about 200 meters.
• 9- skirt around to the left and -10- cross over the walking track.
• Dolomitic lime is the basic component of the soil.11- Beware: this area requires fairly high levels of fitness.
• 12- You can either take a right turn and head back to the cedar forest or keep following the track  up to the watch tower and- 13- down to the viewpoint indicator.

This 5 km trail, leading to the top of Malmont hill, is physically demanding as it has sections with steep climbs.
The going underfoot might be sometimes rough since made of dolomitic limestone. The shadowed lane moves through a pleasant community wood,
forest clearings and a remarkable cedar forest.