Itinerary / Le Muy - La ripisylve de l'Endre

Family outing
3, 72 miles
2 hours 
Ascent:  + 30 meters
GR waymarked trail (yellow orientation arrows)

• From  Le Muy, go onto  the local road No D25 heading to Callas. At the roundabout, follow direction to Bagnols (local road No D47).

• After a short walk over the Endre bridge (blue mark), take a sharp left turn at the crossroad junction. You will find there a  carpark and a picnic area.

• Once you have reached the carpark, walk all the way up to the road, cross with care. At this point turn left and follow the small path starting from an iron gate.

• Head  torwards a barrier, and at this point, follow the footpath – which is a 55 yard walk. From there, turn left up to a pathway junction.

• Turn right and follow the waymarked trail up to “Chaoumes” reservoir.  No swimming

• Turn left and walk all the way up to the wide track.

• On the wide track, turn right at “Terme renversé” place name. Take another right turn and head downhill up to Portail du Rouet lake.

• Go straight ahead across the large field, alongside the lake, until you reach a waymarked path just behind a mound.

• Keep walking on this path alongside a second lake and a river up to an old quarry.

• From there  retrace your steps to the starting point, i.e. the iron gate.

Le Muy

Le Muy, a meeting place at the crossroad of Esterel and Maures Massifs, is livened up by a weekly market where you can savor Provence products. Leisure facilities such as canoeing, horse riding, climbing or hiking are there for you to relax and chill out.