Itinerary / Les Arcs sur Argens - Castel Diaou

Strenuous walk
6,2 miles
4 hours 30 minutes
Ascent:  - 390 meters
GR waymarked trail (yellow orientation arrows)

• From the car park, follow the tarmac road heading south. Cross over the Pont de l’Aille Bridge (called Eiffel bridge) (1) and keep walking until you reach the Place Name “La Renardière” (Keep the picnic spot “La Font de Catin” to your right). The tarmac soon turns into a dirt road. (about 545 yards).
• Turn left continuing on the Bauquieres trail.
• Walk alongside the Argens river for about 1 mile.
• After the first right bend, take a left turn and head torwards the woodcutter’s house (163 yards)
• After the woodcutter’s house, turn right onto the Bauquieres trail and head up the slope.
• 650 meters higher, turn right to drop down the Cabredor trail to your left.
• At the first junction you come across (tank), about 1 mile further, take a right turn.
• About 925 yards further, drop off the pathway heading to the right.
• 872 miles further, at the crossroad, take a right turn onto the trail and follow it as it goes uphill. You soon reach the summit. (1 mile)
• Retrace your steps, take a left turn and follow the pathway as it goes downhill up to the Blaquiere Valley (after about 1 mile).
• Drop down two pathways onto your right and a trail onto your left. Keep walking until you reach a crossroad (about 1 mile – Place name Jas des Maures)
• Keep walking ahead alongside the brook.
• Cross over the ford and keep walking ahead.  You can return by rejoining the track you came. Keep following the Argens River heading to the Place Name La Renardiere. You will soon reach the Tournavelle carpark.


from September 9 to February 28
Hunting days on Saturdays and holidays


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Access to the waymarked trail

• On the secondary road DN7,south of Les Arcs city centre, go onto Chemin du Bac pathway ( signpost “community forest”) and keep ahead for about 1.86 miles.
• Park your car at La Tournavelle carpark, between the 2 bridges, just after the Argens bridge, and just before the Ailles bridge.