Itinerary / Les Arcs sur Argens - Les menhirs des Terriers

7 miles
4 hours 40 minutes
Average ascent: less than 350 meters
GR waymarked trail (yellow orientation arrows)

• From the carpark, go onto the tarmac road and follow it until you cross the Aille bridge (so called Eiffel bridge) (1).  Keep walking until you reach the place called “ la Renardiere “ (leave the place called “la Font de Catin” (2)onto your right). The tarmac road soon turns into a unmetalled road (about 455 yards)
• Go onto your left and follow les Bauquieres trail. Keep walking alongside the Argens river for about 1 mile. Head torwards Castel Diaou (Mine des Porres walking track) through Blaquière Valley. You will walk past Jas  des Maures ruins onto your right (community sheepfold) (3).
• Continue across a wetland area (4) (approximately 327 yards). Keep ahead until the Pornes mine (5) is met.
• Once the so called “Four à poix” (6)  is reached (about 327 yards), Once you have walked past the tank (about 545 yards), take a sharp left turn onto the trail, walk straight on for about 109 yards and turn right again.(Les Grilles, E16)
• Follow the track as it goes uphill for about 545 yards. Then take a sharp left turn onto a pathway going uphill. Halfway, you will walk past dolmens (7). Once the top of the hill is reached, turn right onto the wildfire prevention trail (DFCI trail).  327 yards further down, you leave the standing stones (8) to your right.
• About 218 yards further down, at the junction, follow the path ahead of you onto the E15 road. 218 yards further, follow the trail onto your left. (On your way back, you can pause to admire the overhanging views on the community forest, the Argens plain and Les Arcs town).
• After about 2.48 miles, you are back to the starting point, at the place called La Renardière (following the Hautes Pibles track)
• Take a left turn and head back to the car park (545 yards)


from September 9 to February 28
Hunting days on Thursdays and Sundays


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Access to the waymarked trail

• On the secondary road DN7,south of Les Arcs city centre, go onto Chemin du Bac pathway ( signpost “community forest”) and keep ahead for about 1.86 miles.
• Park your car at La Tournavelle carpark, between the 2 bridges, just after the Argens bridge, and just before the Ailles bridge.