Itinerary / Lorgues - La campagne de Pey-Cervier

Family outing
5.88 miles
2 hours 30 minutes
Ascent:  + 150 meters
GR waymarked trail (yellow orientation arrows)


• From Lorgues, start your walk by heading to the secondary road D562 to Carcès.  About 1.24 miles after Lorgues, look out for a path on your right that goes up to Saint Jaume hamlet.

• You can park your car on Saint Jaume carpark. Beware, do not impede vehicular traffic

• After a short walk up the road (10.9 yards) take a sharp turn right onto “Traverse de la Douce” trail.

• Keep going ahead on this road that squeezes between villas and vines.

• Keep walking ahead for about 1300 yards and take a sharp left turn on “Domaine de Pey Cervier” waymarked trail.

• Look out for “Rose Tremiere” wine estate and walk along it.

• Follow the track as it goes up and after about 1300 yards  at  the tank  take  “Le Palet” trail leading off to the left

• Continue until the  Dolmen signpost is met

• Look out for the shadowed pathway and follow it downhill.

• At the EDF transformer, follow the track onto your left and after a 218 yard walk continue along the well defined road. About 981 yards further, retrace your steps  to Saint Jaume hamlet.