Salernes - Le Tholos de la Lauve

Distance : 4,4 km
Duration : 1h15
Diffi culty : Medium
Ascent : 208 m

Carpark: La Muie. Retrace your steps to Parouvier round about (1). Keep on right side for 100 m and take right on “impasse de la Croix” then pathway leading left.

Once reached the RD31, keep on right for about 200 m until N° 924/928. Go on right for 150 m at the cypres threes go left onto a mule track. Walk past an old stone country house. Cross a fi rst road go ahead then cross RD31 (2) and “climb” the slide behind the electrical unit.

Once the ancient Provence railroad, take a left turn for 50 m then go right on a pathway (3) formerly used to reach the bauxite mine (4).

Once reached La Lauve plateau take a right turn heading to the Tholos site, a grave dating back to the
megalithic period (5).

Keep following pathway and head downhill torwards Salernes city centre. Cross the Europe road which was built on the ancient Provence railway (6) and go on “Chemin du Parouvier” to retrace your steps to the carpark.