Salernes / Salernes Vieille - Le Tholos de la Lauve

Distance : 4,5 km
Duration : 1h40
Diffi culty : Medium
Ascent : 280 m

Access: Route de l’Europe “Site de Saint-Barthélémy” then chemin Saint-Barthélémy until the end.  Carpark.

Walk alongside the pond, the creek, cross the wooden bridge and reach the chapel.

Go back downhill and turn right (1) and continue in the valley to junction (2).

Take right turn and uphill to “old Salernes” Salernes vieille (3). Continue until belvedere is reached: view on Saint-Barthélémy Chapel and site.

Retrace your steps back to the bottom of the dell (2). turn right and follow the pathway up to the hunters houses (4) before reaching wheat areas (5). Follow the pathway heading uphill up to Tholos de la Lauve (6) panorama over the Maures Heights, Salernes countryside.

Then follow the path going downhill until the cairn, go right follow marks cross a bauxite outcrop (7), the cave dwelling (8) and at the River go left until Saint-Barthélémy carpark.