Itinerary / Vidauban - Bois du Rouquan

Family outing
2.54 miles
2 hours 
Ascent:  45 meters
GR waymarked trail (yellow orientation arrows)


Access and carpark

• From Vidauban, go onto the secondary road n° D48, heading to La Garde Freinet and keep ahead until the rest area is met: around 5 miles after Vidauban on the right, next to a tank.

• From the rest area, turn left onto a pathway following the road heading southward and keep walking until you come across a junction

• Turn right and cross the barrier. Take a sharp left turn onto the large trail and keep going for further 682 miles (Rouquan woods) until a junction is met. B

• Turn right onto a narrow trail heading eastwards until another junction is reached (approximately 682 yards further)

• From this point, you can retrace your steps to the carpark following the pathway on your right.


Keep walking further ahead

• Take a sharp left turn onto a pathway heading northwards until a junction is met ( about 427 yards)

• Turn right and keep walking for about 819 yards until you reach another junction

• Turn right onto the pathway alongside the road. It takes you back to the starting point.


Argens valley offers a mixture of varied sceneries: large wine estates, landscapes of pink stoneware and the Maure nature reserve. Parents and kids alike can enjoy hiking or canoeing.