The "Vigne à vélo" cycling route

"Vigne à vélo" cycling route is a 15 km track (30 km to come) achieved by Draguignan Agglomeration Community.

Its bitumen coating allows for bicycling, roller skating or even jogging and walking.


Draguignan --> Trans en Provence 3,5 km
Trans en Provence --> Sainte Roseline 5,5 km
Sainte Roseline --> Les Arcs sur Argens 4,5 km

Total: 13,5 km

Between Les Arcs sur Argens city centre and Sainte Roseline junction, the track stretches over a 2.79 miles distance. Following the track, you will come across a rich historic heritage ranging from Les Arcs medieval town to Ste Roseline chapel (listed as a historic monument); you can also choose to leave the main trail and visit some famous wine estates.

From Draguignan or Trans en Provence, a second track extends on further 2.19 miles and leads to the former Trans en Provence train station. Starting from Comte Muraire Boulevard in Draguignan, the tarred pathway (formerly Train des Pignes railway track) offers a nice opportunity for a pleasant stroll.

Ultimately, "vigne à vélo" cycling route will link the main wine estates with one another. It will also be connected to Eurovelo 8 section between Trans en Provence and Draguignan.


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Enjoy beautiful scenery as you stroll through Dracenie region

From Draguignan

Comte Muraire Boulevard

From Trans en Provence

Trans en Provence train station, "la Gare'gotte" restaurant, route du plan, opposite "Décathlon" store

From Sainte Roseline wine estate

"Sainte Roseline" roundabout

From Les Arcs sur Argens

"Deux Cyprès" roundabout

"La Vigne à Vélo" in pictures