The "Vigne à vélo" cycling route

"La Vigne à vélo” cycling route is a 15 km track.

Châteaudouble (Rebouillon) -> Draguignan (La Clappe) : 2,2 km

Draguignan (La Clappe) -> Draguignan (Pont d'Aups) : 2,6 km

Draguignan (Pont d'Aups) -> Draguignan (Comte Muraire) : 3,2 km
sur voie ouverte à la circulation / pas de piste cyclable

Draguignan -> Trans en Provence : 3,5 km

Trans en Provence -> Ste Roseline : 5,5 km

Ste Roseline -> Les Arcs sur Argens : 4,5 km

Total : 20,3 km sur piste cyclable + 3,2 sur route ouverte

Its bitumen coating allows for bicycling, roller skating or even jogging and walking.


Between Les Arcs sur Argens city centre and Sainte Roseline junction, a 4,5 km distance.

You will come across a rich historic heritage ranging from Les Arcs medieval town to Ste Roseline chapel,
you can also choose to leave the main trail and visit some famous wine estates.

5,5 more km to reach Trans en Povence village and its brain new swinging bridge over gorges and Nartuby falls and cascades.

Don't miss it!

Last 3,5 km leads you to our main city Draguignan.

Museum, galleries and shopping places in pedestrians

For sports lovers, this cycling route is connected with the Mediterranean route that spans over Dracénie territory, from west to east.
Ultimately, the route will link villages like Vidauban, Taradeau, La Motte, le Muy.

By summer 2020: a new section Draguignan – Rebouillon hamlet and a new connection Les Arcs sur Argens – les Arcs/Draguignan railway station, a green route spanning over 20 kms.

Enjoy beautiful scenery as you stroll through Dracenie region

From Draguignan
Comte Muraire Boulevard

From Trans en Provence
Trans en Provence train station, "la Gare'gotte" restaurant, route du plan, opposite "Décathlon" store

From Sainte Roseline wine estate
"Sainte Roseline" roundabout

From Les Arcs sur Argens
"Deux Cyprès" roundabout

"La Vigne à Vélo" in pictures

The Accueil Vélo Label in Dracénie Provence Verdon

The cycling route is marked out by 30 “Accueil Vélo” partners,
ready to welcome you and provide top quality services