Le Comptoir de Maurice

Le Comptoir de Maurice

Reputed eating place where you can savour a wide range of dressed salads, sandwiches and fresh, organic dishes. A wide range of seasonal products in conformity with organic standards: fresh and frozen products, mixed salads, sandwiches, tea or coffee, a wide range of wines, alcohols and champagnes is on offer. A pleasant setting to eat on site, either in the restaurant room or on the two terraces. Food trucks have also been set up on the car park. One for hamburgers "le burger de Maurice" or the other for full menus and seasonal dishes "la cuisine de Maurice" : A varied selection of pies like quiche pies, different sorts of soups. A pleasant spot where you can savour fashionable dishes.

Contact & Booking

Le Comptoir de Maurice
186 rue Jean Aicard

83300 Draguignan

04 94 76 55 28


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