Scenic destinations

The Dracenie is part of the “Terre de Provence” region which is famous for its sun, gorgeous colours and various hilly landscapes. In the south of the region facing the Maures Mountain range and the Argens Vineyards, the red cliffs known as the Esterel overhang the umbrella shaped pine trees.

Among the hills are the villages which are surrounded by olive groves that glisten against the blue backdrop of the sky. Within the hills you can discover at your leisure the many hidden rivers and waterfalls. If you choose to go higher up the chalk mountains, you will encounter not only the breathtaking views of the gorges and canyons.

But also you will be able to inhale the intoxicating scent of the Guarrigue. All of this lends itself to being the perfect place for a meditative moment. The region of Dracenie is not merely a picturesque postcard sent from Provence. It is also a geographic album to be flipped through.

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