Draguignan - The cedar pathway

• Difficulty : moderate
• 1.79 miles
• 1 hour
• Ascent : 78 meters
• GR waymarked trail (red orientation arrows)

• From the Malmont carpark, follow the red waymarks up to the anti wildfire gate.
• Follow the tarred track for about 20 meters then -1-  take a right turn (torwards the end of the botanical trail) and follow the shadowed pathway as it goes up to the monitoring peer.
• After about 50 meters, leave the yellow-red waymarked trail and -2- take a right turn onto a rocky track: follow it as it goes steeply down:  on your left, you will notice a boundary stone.
• Keep following the track that takes you through oak trees: Several hundred meters further, the track drops down to a forest of pine trees and oak trees.  Keep following the track 200 meters further until you reach -3- a cedar forest located on a private property.
• Walk alongside the cedar forest until you reach -4- the anti wildfire trail: walk further for about 4 – 5 minutes and -5- take a sharp left turn. Drop off  the yellow-red waymarked trail to join the red waymarked track.
• Keep walking until you reach a forest of  green oaks. -6- Take a sharp turn onto your right. You will be walking past two relay antennas
• Keep going on a steep and rocky path to reach -7- the cliff:   take time to enjoy a stunning view over the surrounding scenery.
• After about 20 meters, you reach the botanical path and 150 meters further -8-you meet the monitoring peer. Keep walking for 200 meters : you are back to the starting point.

This trail moves through green oak trees and a stunning cedar forest. You can pause and have a picnic on the cliff edge while admiring the view on Malmont Hill. Torwards the end of the stroll, you come across a viewpoint indicator: at 500 meters above sea level, you will enjoy a stunning view over Dracenie region (from Gulf of Frejus to the Maures Heights).