Sentiers de l'Artuby - 1 - Boucle de Siounet

Sentiers de l'Artuby - 1 - Boucle de Siounet

Following this walking route, you will discover Siounet sensitive natural area, while pausing to admire outstanding views on the Verdon Heights.

Comps sur Artuby county is made of nine villages ((Bargème, La Bastide, le Bourguet, Brenon, Châteauvieux, la Martre, la Roque-Escalpon, Trigance et Comps-sur-Artuby). Mont Lachens mountain (1714 meters high) - the highest in the Var region – as well as Brouis mountain (1592 meters high) overhang the Artuby valley. This wild and peaceful area , with a rich history heritage, is quite suitable for enjoyable strolls. The site Natural reserve stretching on a 35000 hectare surface and gathering a great diversity of fauna and flora CARPARK Siounet carpark facing SOS signpost (Local road n° RD71) Circuit walk n° 1 ; follow the blue waymarks. From Siounet carpark on the secondary road n° D71 direction to Trigance, go onto the forest track going uphill To Fayet place name. After about 54 yards, at « Chemin de Fayet » junction, take a left turn and follow a small pathway heading to Comps-sur-Artuby through Verjon. Cross the secondary road and from the signpost « Siounet », go onto the main road. Continue for about 109 yards and turn right onto a small pathway that soon takes you into the wood. From the relay station, go back onto the wide forest track going downhill up to the secondary road. Just after the anti wildfire barrier, beware ! cross the road cautiously and head back to the carpark. You find there a picnic area. Sightseeing interests Wide diversity of flaura and fona species Outstanding overhanging views on Jabron Valley, Comps and Trigance villages as well as Verdon heights. Recommandations Keep informed of the weather forcasts at all time During the hunting season, do not walk away from the waymarked trails. Go onto the circuit walk only when it is allowed. Get informed of the opening of forest areas, especially in summer time. Take enough water and adapted walking shoes. Free guidebook You can find the 8 detailed circuit walks in “Sentiers de l’Artuby” guidebook ( Council of Var region).


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Sentiers de l'Artuby - 1 - Boucle de Siounet
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