Randonnée pédestre - Draguignan - Sentier du patrimoine

Randonnée pédestre - Draguignan - Sentier du patrimoine

Pathway to cultural heritage From Folletiere washhouse, located right in the city centre, follow the pathway alongside the Canal des Moulins ( Moulins canal). After about 3 kms, you reach Pierre de la Fee Dolmen. Keep walking until you find Domaine du Dragon wine estate. The trail takes you through the private wine estate and highlights ruins of Saint Michel Chapel , remains of the castrum as well as an old basin. Following it further, the trail takes you through Malmont community forest: you will come across cedar trees and magnificent oak trees.Torwards the end of the hiking trail, you will reach the botanical garden, the watch tower and ultimately the viewpoint indicator from which you will enjoy a stunning view over Draguignan. Cross over the road to join the blue waymarked trail: follow it until you reach two belvederes. This walk can be extended by following the Coutelet pathway as it drops down: it takes you to Joseph Collomb Boulevard back to the starting point – the Folletiere washhouse.


All year round.

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Randonnée pédestre - Draguignan - Sentier du patrimoine
Le Malmont

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