Ampus: Notre Dame de Spéluque

Ampus: Notre Dame de Spéluque

Ampus, ranking among the high perched villages in the Dracenie region, is an authentic place in the Haut Var region. Wandering through the streets will lead you to a way of the cross, just above Saint Michel Church.

•Family outing •6,2 miles •2 hours 40 minutes •Ascent: - 150 meters •Waymarked trail (yellow orientation arrows) •You will find the car park just next to the Assuntina restaurant (formerly known as “Braconniers” café). •The walk starts from the town hall. From there, follow direction to Chateaudouble. •After passing through the Ratton bridge, turn left onto the unsurfaced footpath which soon turns onto a concrete walkway. Follow it ahead of you. •Once you have reached the place called “Turquet”, head to your left and continue on an asphalt road. •Once you have passed the grape trellis, bear left and follow the unsurfaced footpath heading to Notre Dame de Spéluque Chapel. •Leaving the chapel, follow the walk route. Then follow the pathway after you have reached Saint Hubert oratory. •Go straight ahead up to the place name “Valsegure”, turn left onto a path and follow it as it drops down to the river. Cross over the footbridge stepping over the river and walk straight ahead uphill. •Then back onto the asphalt road, keep straight ahead ignoring direction to the city centre. Once you have reached the oratory, walk alongside the waterway till you eventually reach the belvedere.

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Ampus: Notre Dame de Spéluque

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