Randonnée pédestre: la mine - La Tholos de la Lauve

Randonnée pédestre: la mine - La Tholos de la Lauve

A circuit walk through the countryside following the former Provence railway track

La Tholos de la Lauve This waymarked trail offers an outstanding view on Salernes countryside Sightseeing site La Lauve plateau The waymarked trail A stroll in full nature following the ancient Provence railroad CARPARK You can park you car at La Muie carpark. Retrace your steps to Parouvier round about. Take a sharp left turn and follow the “La Croix” pathway leading off to your right. THE CIRCUIT WALK The walk starts from Parouvier roundabout, just outside Salernes city centre heading to Sillans, Aups (just up JJ Rousseau street). . Hikers, you start off from the roundabout, following the trail passing « Les Arnauds » camping site and heading uphill. Once you have reached the secondary road, follow the track leading off to your right for about 218 yards until another unleveled path is met onto your right. Continue onto this path and after about 163 yards, take a left turn onto a mule track. Walk past an old stone country house. Head across the road to Salernes/ Aups and follow the tarmack track just opposite. Once the ancient Provence railroad is met, take a left turn and follow the waymarks 54 yards further. This pathway was formerly used to convey the open air extracted bauxite. You still can see traces of wheel passages. Follow the waymarks until the mine is met. You can pause and admire the outstanding view over Salernes sceneries Once you have reached La Lauve plateau which used to be very woody ( fire in 1992 entirely destroyed the magnificent forest), take a right turn heading to the Tholos site, a grave dating back to the megalithic period. Keep following the Parouvier pathway and head downhill torwards Salernes city centre. Head across the Europe road which was built on the ancient Provence railway. Once the junction is reached, you can pause to admire the ceramic-covered old house before retracing your steps to the carpark. Tourist landmark The ancient Provence railway. Recommandations Follow the waymarked trail only when it is allowed. Tourist office in Salernes informs you about the opening of forest massifs.


All year round. Subject to favorable weather.


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Randonnée pédestre: la mine - La Tholos de la Lauve


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