Randonnée pédestre: la Darboussière

Randonnée pédestre: la Darboussière

This waymarked trail highlights the beauty of nature and vast stretches of scrubland.

Family outing • 6,2 miles • 2 hours 40 minutes • Ascent: - 150 meters • Waymarked trail (yellow orientation arrows) •Access to the Circuit Walk following the secondary road n° D54 to Draguignan •The walk starts from the carpark. Follow the pathway heading straight on upwards to a wooded hill. •From there, take a sharp right turn onto a trail and follow it up to a tank. Leave the tank on your left and follow the path as it curves to the right and goes downhill until a wider track is met. •Follow the track on your left as it goes slightly uphill, then leave the track and take a left turn onto a path that goes downhill up to a junction. •From the junction, turn right down the hill until a wider trail is met. •Follow the path onto your left as it curves. After the hairpin bend, take a sharp left turn and carry on uphill until a junction. Waymark B: From there, follow the path heading forward until you meet a larger track. •Turn right onto this track and walk straight up to a junction with a tank. •Leave the tank to your left and go onto the trail heading straight down the hill. Continue straight up to the valley floor. From this point, turn left and follow the river. After about 22 yards, turn left and go onto the track opposite. After the woodland, continue up to the plateau and walk further ahead until you meet a waymarked trail. Turn right and retrace your steps onto the outwards track. Turn left onto a path going downhill though the woods until you reach the car park

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All year round.

Pets welcome


  • Pets welcome

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Randonnée pédestre: la Darboussière
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