Randonnée pédestre: le puits aérien

Randonnée pédestre: le puits aérien

The air well is a unique specimen in Europe. "Make some water with night" is Achille Knapen's challenge. a belgian ingeneer.

Family outing • 3.1 miles • 1 hour 40 minutes • Ascent: - 100 meters • Waymarked trail (yellow orientation arrows) .You find the car park at the former railway station, on “le Plan” road, just opposite the shopping facilities •Go onto the former railroad alongside the two way road until you reach Notre Dame junction •From this point, go onto Les Arcs road up to La Croix pathway. (In dry weather, follow the pathway onto your right going uphill: this saves you from walking alongside the main road) •Walk straight ahead up to the very top of La Croix pathway. •Once you have reached the selective sorting centre, keep straight ahead onto Suous pathway and follow it as far as the very end of it. •At this point, take a sharp right turn onto Le Puits pathway and follow it until you reach the Escombes slope. •Turn left (ignore the trail on your right as it leads to Notre Dame junction) and turn left again until you meet Escombes housing estate •Keep straight ahead and follow la Cotte slope until the air well is met on your right. •Once you have visited the air well, follow the road downhill and take a sharp turn left onto the path heading to the station and the carpark.

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Opening : From friday 1 january 2016 to saturday 31 december 2016.

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  • Pets welcome

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Randonnée pédestre: le puits aérien

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